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Our flexible metal pipe is constructed with ACESCO galvanized anti-corrosion steel.


The main differences and advantages of the Metal Coraza pipe, compared to the Mexican and Brazilian pipes, are:


1. The PVC that covers the pipe is ANTILLAMA, which guarantees that in case of fire, the pipe will NEVER propagate the flames, helping the extinction.


2. The PVC pipe lining contains UV FILTER, which provides the highest protection against the sun, and if a pipe is exposed for external application with a radius of curvature, this feature will prevent the PVC it is crystallized and it is torn, being exposed the metallic pipe to the inclemency of the external agents, and causing short circuits by the entrance of water.


3. The gauges of the galvanized steel sheet used for the construction of the pipe, are gauges that provide extreme performance at impact levels, compression, traction and suspended loads, in terms of mechanical stress.


The Metal Coraza pipeline has double quality certification, as follows:

1. Seal of product quality under EUROPEAN norm of AENOR

The certification standard is an IEC standard, but translated into Spanish by AENOR in Genoa Spain, to be marketed and used in Spanish-speaking countries, thus our line is certified under UNE-EN 61386-23 standard.


The other certification that counts the pipe brand Metal Breastplate, is based on the RETIE “Technical Regulation of Electrical Installations” certificate issued by the CIDET in Colombia, and which is a regulation of mandatory supervised by the Ministry of Mines and ENERGIA DE COLOMBIA, which seeks to guarantee the preservation of human, animal and plant life, in case of accidents. In this measure, our pipeline has the approval through its certificates, passed by laboratory tests, elements and qualities against physical properties, such as, electrical insulation, dielectricity and electrical rigidity.


Other laboratory evidence of our certification under the European standard are:

  • Flexion test, which allows to provide greater ranges of flexibility to those exposed in UL standards.
  • Test of resistance to heat, which allows to provide greater compression to the pipe, for effects of settlement of land with high temperatures, either embedded in concrete, or buried in earth, sand or gravel.
  • appearance and physical contact stability saline environments, with a test in Brazilian labs 500 hours of continuous exposure to ultraviolet camera, which simulates an accelerated aging over 5 years, resulting in a negligible discoloration.
  • Resistance to labeling or marking, for durability in marking and identification of the pipe.
    Impermeability and complete hermetism to physical agents, offering a degree of protection IP 68.
  • For greater satisfaction during the installation of the Metal Coraza pipeline, you can also count on our line of straight and curved Liquid Tight connectors manufactured in ZINC brand MC, also doubly certified.




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