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Certified according to UNE-EN 61386-1

RETIE Certificates.



Certified according to UNE-EN 61386-1   RETIE Certificates
MCL brand accessories manufactured EMT zinc die cast (100%) are constructed under technical parameters that allow proper installation and achieve the EMT tube, thus providing a degree of protection IP 40.  Its wall mirror allows the entry of the pipe section in a firm free of burrs.  Screws with specially designed, are structured to withstand a tightening torque according to the nominal thread diameter, according to UNE-EN 61386-1.
Designed for perfect coupling at the facility in conjunction with the flexible metal pipe MCL, which ensures air tightness characteristics of IP 64 according to IEC 60529 and the mechanical strength.
Standard thread have its installation can be used on boxes, etc. condulet. Are easily identified by its brand MCL, which provides warranty and support.