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Letter Grade:

The main advantages of differences and pipe Metal Coraza brand in front of the Mexican and Brazilian pipeline is:  

  1. PVC pipe covering is flame retardant, which ensures that in case of fire, the flames spread NEVER pipes, helping to extinction.
  2. PVC pipe that lines containing UV filters, which give the highest protection against the sun, and if a pipe is exposed to outdoor application with a radius of curvature, this feature prevents PVC is crystallized and tear, exposing the metal tubing to the inclemency of external agents, and causing short circuits by the entry of water.
  3. Gauges of galvanized steel sheet, used for the pipe construction are calibrated to give a performance at the end of impact, compression, tension and suspended loads in terms of mechanical stress.


Metal Coraza brand has a double quality certification:

1 - Seal of Product Quality AENOR under European standard.   

The certification standard is a standard IEC, but translated into Spanish AENOR Spain in Genoa, to be marketed and used in Spanish speaking countries, so our pipeline is certified under UNE-EN 61386-23.      

The other certification that the pipe has Metal Shell brand, is based on the RETIE "TECHNICAL REGULATION OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS" certificate issued by the CIDET in Colombia, which is a mandatory regulation by the MINISTRY OF MINES ENERGY COLOMBIA, which seeks to ensure the preservation of human life, animal and plant, in cases of sinister  To this extent, our pipeline has been approved by their certificates, passed through laboratory tests, elements and qualities against physical properties, such as electrical insulation, dielectric and dielectric resistance.

Other evidence of our certification laboratories under European rule, are:  

  • Bending test, which allows ranges to provide greater flexibility to the rules set out in ul. 
  • Resistance to heat, which can provide greater compression to the pipe for purposes of settlement of land with high temperatures, either embedded in concrete or buried in earth, sand or stone chippings.    
  • Physical stability and appearance in contact with saline environments, with a Brazilian laboratory test of 500 hours of continuous ultraviolet camera exposition, which simulates an accelerated older over 5 years, resulting in a negligible fading.    
  • Resistance to the labeling or marking, for durability on the Marking of the pipe.
  • Waterproofing and complete secrecy to physical, providing a degree of protection IP 68.      
  • For greater satisfaction during pipe installation Metal Shell brand can also count on our full line of connectors Liquid Tight Straight and curved ZINC brand manufactured in MCL, also doubly certificates.